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How do I choose a PPC agency?

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SEM PPC Services

Search Engine Marketing has become a staple for digital advertising. PPC campaigns drive keyword-specific traffic to your virtual doorstep.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM for short) is paid to advertise using marketed keywords that people type into search engines leading to conversion (PPC). Until recently Pay Per Click/PPC was the common term used to describe these types of ads since every time someone clicked on your ad, you would pay per click. The difference between SEM and SEO is that is organic and is a more long-term way of ranking on search engines. It includes: submitting your website on directories, creating content usually with keywords in mind, and other techniques.

SEM involves bidding for search engine keywords. You need a good understanding of the search phrases consumers are looking for use when searching for a product or service. Creating catchy and informational text or visual ads is another aspect of SEM. An underappreciated part is the need to optimize the landing page to match the keywords used and much more importantly to convert the visitor into a lead. Or else what are you paying for? While it seems only logical, you will be surprised how many “DIY” business owners spend money with little thought to this.

What makes SEM compelling is twofold; you don’t have to wait to rank and you know by virtue of the phrases the searcher used they were looking for your services. Most traditional advertising involves a blanket approach whereby they throw an ad in front of a large audience hoping that some people in the group actually want to buy it. How many times have you watched a program and wonder why the advertiser thought you might be interested in their product?

Why Does Your Business Need Search Ads?

Your small business has marketing and business goals, sometimes in order to meet those goals organic search results are not enough. If you are not currently ranking high in search queries, paid advertising with relevant keywords might be your answer. With SEM, careful consideration of terms or keyword(s) used can give you a great level of confidence that your ppc campaign will be shown to only those looking for your services. Your target audience that is A. Looking to buy or B. Looking for more information on the service you provide. Contrary to how some view search engine marketing, there are a great many ways to avoid burning through your ad dollars too quickly. You can limit the number of dollars spent per day, the days & times the ads show, the audience, geography, and many more ways. A well-crafted paid search campaign should be able to increase awareness of your product and drive more leads to your company website affordably. Using a system to manage your software search engine marketing campaigns can improve your ability to efficiently manage your campaigns.

The pay-per-click advertising ecosystem comprises several different components of SEM & PPC Services. You want to choose an agency for your company that can develop and grow along with your business’s success with an expert understanding of of PPC Management Software for agencies. Google Search is using very specific sets of keywords (and negative keywords) related to what you offer to get you to the top of search engine results. Google Display Network Ads, these are visual ads that you can create and upload or allow Google to create the ppc ad by simply adding images, headlines and other ad copy. Google with then use it’s artificial intelligence to mix up your assets to get optimal results. This will of course require ongoing management to update the assets to achieve a high quality score for your ads and landing pages. Then there are retargeting or sometimes called remarketing campaigns. These focus on showing your online ad to people who have already visited your website. There are other way to create an audience such as uploading current contact lists, but the more popular it to show these ads to those who have visited your digital marketing presence. Social media marketing regardless of which social media platforms, rely on display and remarketing campaigns.

Because of this, it’s critical that they have a solid understanding of other forms of online marketing, including SEO, Facebook advertising, and email marketing. When executed properly, they can result in enormous success and rapid expansion.

Search engine Marketing (SEM) or an SEM Management Agency can help your business succeed by bringing people to your website. At Anthem, a PPC Management Agency, we can provide affordable smart solutions to you by targeting key phrases that your customers are using to find you. Find out how we can help you advertise your website wisely to bring in new customers for you to sell to. Contact us now!

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