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Small Business Consulting & Training

If you are like most small businesses in the USA you spend either no money and time on consulting and training or too much money and time on consulting and training. In both cases, it causes serious problems for the average business. If you ignore small business consulting and training of you and your team everybody just makes things up. If you spend too much time on consulting or training you can sometimes lose focus on what matters the most... selling and serving your clients!

Small business marketing shouldn't be so challenging. Small business marketing consulting can help you to clarity your messaging and priorities when you take charge of your marketing by starting with a strategy and putting in place a tailored campaign for marketing success. You'll be able to concentrate on the priorities that will help your company expand as a result of this clarity. A small business marketing consultant is a marketing specialist who works with owners of small businesses to find the opportunities and gaps preventing them from reaching their objectives and overcoming obstacles and that is why we have set out to provide training software for small business.

Small Business Consulting Services

At Anthem, a small business marketing consultant, we understand the difficulty and needs that small businesses have.  That is why we have created what we believe to be the perfect blend for the average small business.  We have created our training online lab and university specifically to help small businesses in America thrive and not just survive. In this online portal, you and your team can train on best practices in many different categories all at your pace and in any place in the world.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year you can receive the training and motivation you need to help you and your people leverage the tools and technology available to you all while helping increase productivity and profitability.   Plus the online lab and university are just simply fun to use.  You and your team can watch short videos and take quick tests and actually get “certified” in serving the modern consumer.

Many of our clients use this portal as the very first thing they ask their new hires to do.  This saves the business time and money by making the new team member understand the culture and drive in your business and helps them be more effective from day one. And the best part of the online university and training lab is that it is included in any program or package your business chooses.  You can discover the secrets of how to build a scalable and profitable business that you can proud of. Contact us today to see a sneak peek of this fantastic Online Training University and Lab.  We look forward to serving you and helping your business find, serve & keep more customers… profitably!

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