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I find it incredible that there is a shortage of SEO software programs for small businesses to choose from. With so much focus placed on the importance of SEO as a way to increase website visibility, I find it surprising that there aren’t dozens of programs that fill this need. I know some of you are thinking of all the programs designed to perform keyword research, backlink checking, or a myriad of other tools meant primarily for SEO professionals.

What I am talking about is a software system aimed at the end-user, small business owners.

One they can easily navigate and understand. Simple and organized tasks that we all know need to be done in order to properly optimize any business’ presence. There are a great many tasks in the early going of optimizing your site that just about anyone one can do with a bit of guidance. Generally speaking, these are also the most tedious tasks that most SEO’s really don’t like to do. Part of what a good software system should accomplish is to organize these tasks in an easy to accomplish and understand way. It helps to both understand what needs to be done & what has been done from an SEO perspective. I have been around long enough to know that even in great agencies this isn’t done very well. Some individuals may do a great job of making sure many tasks get done or verified and document them but all too often because they don’t require us to use our analytical skills they don’t get the attention they deserve.

Luckily there is one company I have found that does exactly that, UpCity. I have personally used UpCity for a few clients and recommended it to many others. There are many SEO professionals who like to dismiss any tool, UpCity or otherwise, that makes SEO more transparent and task-based but I do not. Granted UpCity does not provide more advanced SEO techniques but can you really go wrong going through a bunch of tasks that will help you make sure that your site is properly structured and you get listed across the web on dozens of directories and bookmarking sites? I think not. In my opinion, what having more programs of this sort would do for the SEO industry is shed light on exactly how labor-intensive SEO can be. Maybe some use such a program and actually knock out 80 hours worth of work or maybe they go through 20 hours and realize isn’t just better to hire someone else. Either way, I believe it is a winning solution for the SEO industry in general.

For the business owner who is either just starting out this can help you get a leg up on your local competition by just establishing a presence & ensuring your website is doing what it is supposed to do, get you found. In my next blog, I will actually walk through UpCity and discuss some of the points I believe make it valuable for both agencies & small business owners alike.

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