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Search Engine Marketing: 9 Reasons It Provides Incredible ROI

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If you own a business in 2021 and don’t utilize search engine marketing (SEM) to your fullest advantage, you are missing out on a significant portion of your potential revenue. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of tailoring your web address, web content, and overall web design to drive up organic search traffic. Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising strategy that draws in new users to your site.

Both of these tactics contribute to your website’s presence and overall internet marketing campaign, and they play a significant role in how your website appears to your audience. SEO and PPC are essential to your business’s ROI. Read on to learn nine ways search engine marketing can benefit your company and produce impressive profits.

9 Reasons Search Engine Marketing Provides Incredible ROI

1. Your Web Page Is Often The First Impression You Make

When a new customer or client finds your website through a Google search, they may be experiencing all your company has to offer for the very first time. In many cases, your website is the very first impression that you make on customers. If a visitor is not immediately impressed with your web content, they could click away in seconds, searching for another business that meets their needs.

The world has become more and more Internet-based over the years, and today, many people confine their research efforts to the web instead of visiting businesses in person. If a customer is looking for a roofing company to perform a roof replacement, for example, they may search for “roofing companies near me,” then read through the first few results and choose one that suits their needs. They may never speak to the business in person until the day their roof replacement begins.

Because your website is often your first impression on customers, you want your web page to be clean, professional, and high-quality. Your web content should have no spelling or grammar errors, your graphic design should be eye-catching and appealing, and your navigation should be user-friendly. Search engine optimization plays a role in all of these components, highlighting the importance of your website in your overall profit margins.

2. Organic Searches Drive Web Traffic

Organic search results are the unpaid search engine results that users see when they type keywords or a query into Google or other search engines. Organic search plays a significant role in a business’s web traffic and performance, making it a critical aspect of your customer’s user experience.

Most of your customers probably do not know your website’s URL by heart. Instead, they search for your company’s name in their preferred search engine—probably Google—and click the first result that shows up. Additionally, new customers may not even know your company’s name but are instead looking for a business that can provide a specific service. In their case, they may search for your type of business and their location in their search engine, then click the first few results.

In both of these cases, organic searches led users to or away from your company’s website. If your webpage does not show up in most customers’ organic search results, they will quickly move onto another option: likely, a competitor in your area.

3. SEM Is an Affordable Investment

Some businesses decide not to focus their efforts on digital marketing because they believe it is not worth the money. However, search engine optimization and pay-per-click are actually intelligent investments that will pay off in your increased sales and customer base. Even better, they are pretty affordable to begin with.

At Anthem Software, we offer affordable digital marketing solutions for small businesses across the country. We know the best ways to tailor your web presence to your target audience and convert webpage clicks into leads, gaining you new business through our techniques. Our clients always think of our services as an investment that will increase their profit margins and ROI in the long run.

4. SEM Attract Your Target Audience

Most businesses have a target audience, or a specific population they expect to make up their customer base more than any other population. For example, the target audience for a small hunting shop may be men between the ages of 18 and 60. While this business will certainly have customers that do not fall into this population, the majority of their audience does.

Determining your target audience is only the first step in our SEM campaign. The next step is shaping your web presence toward this target audience. When you hire Anthem Software, we will create custom PPC ads that target your desired audience and use language that appeals to this customer base. While we will not limit our efforts for populations outside of your target audience, by focusing specific language and ads on this population, you can expect your business to bring in new customers quickly.

5. SEM Is Quantifiable

If you’ve ever utilized a traditional, in-person marketing campaign, you know all of the guesswork that goes into trying to create a campaign that works. In the past, marketers would try out several different advertisement methods for each business and hope that one stuck. Unfortunately, often, these marketers would have no real idea which method worked better compared to others, aside from asking customers directly.

In contrast, SEM as a marketing tactic is quantifiable. At Anthem Software, we use analytics to track how our marketing techniques are working for your business. We analyze every ad click, website visit, and purchase your customers make to determine how our efforts have benefitted your business and what methods we can improve upon moving forward. There’s no guesswork in our marketing services—we know exactly how our SEM serves to benefit your business.

6. Your Website Contributes to Customer Experience

When a customer visits your business in person, you probably focus your efforts on providing an enjoyable customer experience. Perhaps you offer them water or snacks when they come in. Maybe you provide discounts that can save them money. Or perhaps you and your employees utilize a friendly, helpful demeanor to show how much you care.

However, when a customer visits your website instead of visiting your business in person, their customer experience consists of their experience with your web page. As a result, if your website is difficult to navigate, unfriendly, or just unhelpful, users will be more likely to click away and find a business with a more enjoyable website.

Your customers’ experiences on your website are just as important as their experiences with your business in person. As such, you should divide your efforts equally between both of these outlets.

7. Without SEM, Your Website May Never Reach Your Audience

Ensuring that your website is within the first page of search engine results is essential to your web traffic, sales, and overall ROI. Most users do not click past the first Google search results page to find answers to a search term. In fact, the first three search results account for nearly 40% of all click-throughs. Even if your website is in spot #4, the competition above you will steal the majority of your web traffic.

If a potential customer cannot even find your website, they will never learn more about your business and make a purchase. SEM ensures that your business’s website is visible to your target audience, contributing to your overall web traffic and profit margins.

8. SEM Works Quickly—Just Like Your Customers

We live in a society that moves very quickly. The answers to all of our most complicated questions are right at our fingertips with a quick Google search, and if we can’t find those answers within a few seconds of our initial query, we often give up and move onto the next item that grabs our attention.
Your customers move quickly, and SEM helps keep up with the fast-paced nature of our society. When a customer searches for your business on Google or another search engine, they want to be able to find your website within a few seconds, discover the service they are looking for within your website, and determine how to go about receiving that service. SEM improves your website’s presence within the search engine and makes your website easier to navigate, encouraging your visitors to make a purchase quickly.

9. SEM Converts Visitors to Leads

While web traffic is important, if your website visitors never actually make a purchase, schedule an appointment, or contact your business, the web traffic is essentially useless. SEM focuses not only on bringing customers to your website but also on encouraging them to act.
At Anthem Software, we include buttons with calls to action throughout our client’s websites, making it easy for website visitors to contact the company or schedule a service. We also use persuasive language throughout our web content that helps visitors understand why they need the company’s services or how they could benefit from purchasing their products. Both of these techniques convert visitors into leads, improving your ROI.
Search engine marketing is an essential aspect of your business’s success, profit margins, and overall ROI. Contact Anthem Software today to schedule a virtual tour and learn more about our SEM services.

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