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Networking Through Linkedin

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Every digital marketing expert knows the advantages of using social media to manage business profiles. But of all the social media platforms you should be using to boost your small business, which platform is best? When it comes to boosting your return on investment, LinkedIn management is one of your best and most affordable resources. Learn everything you need to know about networking through LinkedIn and how this social media platform can increase your business revenue.

How Does Networking Through LinkedIn Work?

Networking your small business through LinkedIn is much different than using other social media platforms for the same purpose. LinkedIn was specifically designed for businesses, prospective employees, and students looking to get a foothold in their desired industry. For this reason, many of the tools used on this social media platform are geared toward establishing credibility on a global scale.

To make the most of your LinkedIn business profile, you will need to create an account and set up a page that puts your business in the best light. Your LinkedIn page must be attractive and accessible to potential employees and business partners alike. The main steps for setting up your LinkedIn page will include:

Fill Out the “About” Tab

When prospective business partners, employees, and consumers visit your LinkedIn page, the “About” tab is one of the best tools to advertise your organization. The “About” tab has focal points that will establish the credibility of your business. as well as the culture of your company.

For your “About” tab overview, you will need to answer questions about your business’s vision, mission, values, positioning, and services. Each of these questions is key to making your organization stand out. Your social media management experts should focus on filling out your “About” page in a way that will illustrate the core values of your business and help your business stand out from the competition.

Add Business Logo or Cover Image

LinkedIn gives businesses the opportunity to add a business logo or cover image. When you are building credibility online, it’s a good idea to have all of your websites and social media accounts synchronized for profile images and cover images. This will help prospective business partners, employees, and customers feel confident that they have found the correct social media page for your business.

Your cover logo can be the motif for your brand that is used on all of your products, or it can be any other image you feel represents your small business. It’s important to ensure that the logo or cover image also communicates the core values of your business. Social media and design experts can give you the best advice on how to select a logo that will boost your brand.

Include Organization Details

You also need to include certain organization details. In particular, when you are building your LinkedIn page, you will have the opportunity to hyperlink your website or other contact information. You should also include organization details such as your office locations, the address of your headquarters, customer service contact information, and much more.

Including the type of organization you have, the industry you focus on, and the size of your business can also be helpful for increasing your searchability on LinkedIn. Essentially, including your organization details allows you to provide accurate information directly to visitors on your page.

How Can You Grow Your Page?

After you have created a LinkedIn page, your next goal will be to grow your page. When you can grow your page to have several hundred followers, you can establish more global credibility for your brand. Exponential growth for your page usually translates to a direct return on investment and more profitability. But how can you grow your page?

Follow Button

The number one way to grow your page is to include the LinkedIn follow button on your profile. All you need to do is implement the plug-in on your “About” tab to create a follow button. It’s important to make your follow button easily visible. The follow button will allow subscribers to stay updated on all of your posts.

Link Your Page

Next, you will want to link your LinkedIn page to all of your digital marketing tools. This can include linking your LinkedIn page to email signatures, social media platforms, blogs, business cards, and more. By sharing other links on your LinkedIn page information, you can generate more followers and more business.

Post Daily

Whether you manually post daily or use tools to schedule a daily post, posting a couple of times a day can help you establish the credibility of your business. Daily posting also keeps your page relevant to other users and gives visitors to your page a real-time view of your business progress, services, and products.

Share Best Mentions

Sharing your best mentions can also be a good way to grow your followers and credibility. When your LinkedIn page has been mentioned in other posts, you can re-share these posts to show your followers the highlights about your business or products. Sharing your best mentions can also generate more interest in your page.


Cross-promotion is another tool that digital marketing experts use for social media pages. When you cross-promote, you are essentially sharing all of your social media pages across all social media profiles. This can help followers find you on individual websites, which can keep followers continually up-to-date and grow their interest in your business.

Use Hashtags

Using the right hashtags is another way you can join conversations and communities to help your business gain more traction. That said, you should be sure to curate the hashtags you use. By using relevant hashtags, you can appeal to a specific audience.

Review Analytics

You should also review the analytics for your page. Page analytics will help your social media management experts identify which posts are performing the best and appealing to your target audience. From your page analytics, you can further customize your post to reach your precise target base.

What Is Engaging Content?

One huge part of using LinkedIn management for your social media effectively is posting engaging contact. However, because your content will need to be curated to appeal directly to your target audience, it can sometimes be hard to identify content that is most engaging. Two tips to create engaging content:

Three-Two-One Model

The Three-Two-One model will determine the ratio of your posts.

You should make three industry-related posts, two posts that are aimed to make employees and the community feel proud, and one post that is related to your services or products. Following this template, you can create a professional social media profile that communicates the core values of your business and advertises your products at the same time.

Custom Images and Videos

Using custom images and videos is another way to create engaging content. Rather than relying on stock images, custom images and videos allow you to customize your content to appeal directly to your audience. Whether it’s a gif, short animated videos, or other custom images, followers tend to respond better to visually rich content.

The Benefits of LinkedIn Management for Small Businesses

Aside from the ability to establish a global business reputation, there are several benefits of using LinkedIn management for small businesses. Particularly for digital small businesses, LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool that is easy to use but has a huge return on profits. Combined with other digital marketing such as SEO, the benefits of using LinkedIn are immeasurable. Some of the key benefits can include:

Increase Google Search Rankings

Your Google search rankings are essential when you are trying to boost brand awareness for your business. When your business can show up high on Google search results, consumers and business partners tend to have a better impression of the credibility of your business. Having a LinkedIn account that reflects the SEO of your website can be incredibly helpful for boosting your Google search rankings.

Click-through to Website

Using LinkedIn management can also increase the click-through to your website. Many consumers will visit a social media page before visiting a website that sells products directly. By including your website on your LinkedIn profile, you can increase the click-through rate to the website, which can then convert leads into sales and return customers.

Business Growth Opportunities

You can also increase your business growth opportunities. In particular, whether you are looking for business partners or more customers, using LinkedIn management for your social media page can help your business grow with a credible reputation. The better your page is managed, the more likely your business is to be successful.

These days, having a strong social media presence can make or break a small business. Along with other social media platforms, it’s vital to have a LinkedIn page to manage your business profile. To learn more about how to leverage social media for the benefit of your business, get in touch with Anthem Software today.

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