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SEO Software Provider UpCity

Those who may have read my last blog post on UpCity SEO Software might have been a bit disappointed that i never got to the meat. My intention was to set up the conversation with my commentary on why these types of software programs are valuable to both small businesses and digital marketing agencies alike. If you haven’t read it, you may find my SEO Software Blog here.

The two items I found most useful about UpCity’s Seo Software are the simplicity & depth of task completion and the organized reports.

Whether you are a small business owner or a digital marketing agency, understanding what & how to complete the multitude of SEO tasks can be a challenge. Having an organized way of completing these tasks is one thing, but the “how-to” makes it a home run. Imagine you’re a small business owner, you would most likely be the primary or sole salesperson of your business. Are you going to stop selling in order to do SEO? Do you want to hand off this task to your best employee? You know the one who usually makes sure the stuff gets done. Both of these options seem like a less than ideal situation. The better strategy is to delegate this to an entry-level employee to tackle as many tasks as possible and have them provide reports back to you, right? UpCity’s software allows you to do just that, maximizing your business’s efforts. Just about every task has simple to understand task details on why & how to complete it.

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This same line of thinking can apply when you are an agency. As the SEO industry evolves agencies need to differentiate the value of tasks and assign people to fit those tasks. For some strange reason when I speak in these terms many automatically say “So you want me to put people who have no idea what they are doing in these spots?” which is a very odd way to take my statement. Every industry operates under the division of labor principle. What I am saying is that your employees who are best at blog writing or developing strategies for clients based on the industry should not be spending time doing directory listings or adding microformats to your client’s site. This can also allow you to base hiring not strictly on SEO experience but on other sometimes equally important reasons like attitude, drive, & teachability. Have you found a great young person with a passion for web marketing but who has little experience? You now have a place for them to learn the industry. This isn’t a business development blog so I won’t go further into how important and powerful it is to hire the right people, some with world-class skill & some with the right attitude, and train them up. But I think you get the point, it is a waste to have high-value labor spend time to provide lower value work. Much like a small business owner should not stop selling to fill out their CitySearch business profile.

Both types of situations also scream for a way to overtime benchmark and track how their efforts translate into outcomes. While UpCity won’t tell you how much money you have made, it will give you a great understanding of how you are positioned overtime on search engines. Having detailed reports on domain authority, keyword ranking, and relative rank versus key competitors is extremely valuable. If you have been in the SEO business for more than a couple of years then you know this task was done manually or with only the assistance of an expensive software tool. Now it’s done automatically, and a much-underappreciated aspect of what is being offered. Is UpCity as powerful as some of the better-known tools out there? No, but as a bundle with the other aspects, the reporting functions provide most small businesses with more information about their web presence than they have ever seen, and at a very affordable price.

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If you are a small business with the desire but little know-how, UpCity is a very easy-to-use and affordable SEO software program that you should seriously consider using. As a digital marketing professional, this is a great way to have an organized plan to employ transparent SEO for your clients. As you add more clients, the price per client drops significantly. Buy UpCity for yourself or have Anthem, an SEO agency, perform your local SEO on this powerful yet affordable software.

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