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Email marketing is still a high effective means to promote your business when done right. In fact using email marketing consistently has one of the highest levels of ROI. Higher than Social Media, PPC, and various other traditional marketing methods. Whether you are a B2C or a B2B your business should have a cohesive email strategy to FIND, SERVE, & KEEP your clients.

Email Marketing for Small Business

One reason email marketing continues to be successful in the face of stiff competition is its low cost & high reach. Hard to imagine but email marketing has been used for over 30 years, making it often overlooked. Like many things, email marketing has advanced tremendously. There are now so many ways to make your messaging more personalized while still making it more automated than ever before, saving your business time while creating better connections with your end-users.

There is a ton of data around this which makes it very compelling, but the most important of all is this:

$30 to $1 return on investment!

Things have indeed changed, consumers are looking for and respond well to timely & personalized emails. As much as we might like to do this ourselves, it isn’t a realistic strategy for a business of almost any size, the more realistic way of accomplishing that is through automated “drip” campaigns. These are triggered by specific actions a customer might take or at certain intervals during the buying process. This helps ensure you match what your potential customers are expecting. Email blasts can still be effective but have a low percentage chance of actually being timely or personal. Furthermore, with the introduction of AI and Machine Learning, tools almost every email marketing system now employs, this type of email marketing campaign is far less fruitful than in the past and can actually HURT you over time. How so? In two separate ways. The first being with how customers interact with this type of email. They are up to 50% more likely to be marked spam or deleted without reading. The second relates to AI & Machine learning, as the emails you send are not read or marked as spam, both your future delivery rate goes down and your reach. Over time your ability to reach even engaged customers will diminish. Changing to a strategy of both timely & personal email marketing will require some upfront thought and time to set up but can yield significant returns. The great news is at Anthem we help you will this process.

We will help you think through your product/service life cycle and develop a strategy of email communication to maximize the opportunities and time you have in converting them to a sale. You don’t need to have 10’s thousands of emails to be successful. But you will need to make it part of your normal practice to collect primary email addresses from everyone your business interacts with in order for your strategy to realize full potential. An often overlooked aspect of email marketing in ecommerce is maintaining relationships with existing/prior customers. Even if your product/service has a long life cycle, keeping that relationship can yield future sales. There is no effective way to do that better than with email marketing.

Are you a new business? Or new to email marketing and looking for email marketing best practices? Don’t worry we can even help thereby building meaningful ways people can interact with you and while collecting their data for future use. While it is wise to continue researching new types of marketing methods do not do so at the expense of high ROI marketing strategies like e commerce email marketing.

Effective email marketing is just one of many things Anthem can help assist your small business with. If you are looking to supercharge your business this year, Anthem Software, an email marketing agency, can help you. New or even seasoned businesses can benefit from a new perspective, so contact us now to schedule a consultation

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