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CRM Software For Your Business

When Anthem was formed we had one simple mission in mind. We wanted to help small businesses all over the USA sing their song with one powerful system. Most small businesses have to use multiple vendors to reach their goals. This can reduce profits because it is costly and it is very difficult to manage.  Our vision was simple.  Create a software platform that does the work of 5 - 15 full-time employees for less and put the power back in the small businesses' hands to dream big and actually achieve their business goals.

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Finally you can have an all-in-one powerful CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) software built specifically for small businesses just like you! Sure there are many CRM software systems that claim to be built for small businesses but many of these software’s are missing very important features that most small businesses need. This puts a strain on the business to once again find more vendors to fill more gaps and at some point, it becomes almost impossible to manage or measure anything. This is because nothing is in sync and working together. Just like a musical band has to perform together in harmony for it to be pleasing to our ears so does a business have to have all of its Software, Marketing, and People all singing the same tune at the same time. Many businesses have a vendor for software then they need even more vendors for marketing, business training, and other critical needs for the business. That is why we built a small business CRM software solution created with the years of experience working specifically with small businesses in mind while testing and selecting the most beneficial options for their needs. At Anthem Business Software, LLC we believe the time has come to stop the madness!

Your contact management system should enhance the efforts of your sales and marketing teams. There are many ways to do that one that we strongly believe in is through workflow automation. There are many types of tasks and customer communications you need to be effective with your CRM platform, but many on your team quite simply won’t which is why automation key functions is super important. We also have marketing automation tools that help do the follow up, that we are too busy to do consistently enough.

Customer relationships are at the core of all small business success. You current customers can be the next prospects in your sales pipeline, when you track customer interactions you will better know when the right time is to connect for a follow up sale. But you need the right customer data to foster those clients relationships. Connect with email marketing, text messaging, calls, and soon to be social media messaging to engage your contacts . And with our free email marketing templates and text message templates that whole process becomes that much easier.

Sales teams need to have their pulse on the sales pipeline at all times. In Anthem CRM we offer revenue forecasting, so your team will be able to no only set goals and historic conversion rates, but also measure on the fly how well you are doing to those forecasts. Do you know what your conversion rate is from lead to sale? Do you know how many lead you need based on that percentage to meet your monthly sales goal? Our sales pipeline & lead management crm platform you will have a better grasp of the heartbeat of your company.

With Anthem Software you can have it all in one place.

Partial List of Our CRM Software Features:

  • Full Functioning CRM
  • Opportunity Management/Lead Management
  • Powerful Lead Referral Tracking
  • Call Tracking & Monitoring
  • Calendar Scheduling and Management
  • Multi-Location Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Social Media Automation
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Text Message Marketing Automation
  • Text Message & Email Reminders
  • Document Storage
  • Lead Scoring
  • Quoting and Billing
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • Financial Reports
  • Conversion Reports
  • and so much more!

All the features are available in each plan including an ever growing list of third party integrations that will help your CRM system be even more integrated and effective. Even better is that with Anthem not only will you get all your small business marketing software needs you can also get all of your marketing needs met as well. Anthem’s full suite of Marketing Services makes it a beautiful combination for most small businesses because now they are only working with one vendor instead of 5 to 10 vendors.

A Partial List of Marketing Services:

Most businesses stop right here and when they do that they are missing another critical element to success…Their team’s performance and utilization of all of the tools that are provided for them. That’s where Anthem Business Software takes it one step further with our Consulting and Training Lab.

In the lab you will find the following:

  • Software Training
  • Business Training
  • Phone Training
  • Process Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Marketing Enhancement Training
  • Positive Attitude Training
  • and so much more!

Can you see how having a solution like this in one place can dramatically affect your bottom line and streamline your business to make more money and have more fun? That is why we are confident we have created the best CRM software for small business. We certainly hope you do and would love to show you in detail how Anthem’s Business Software’s system is helping businesses everywhere sing their song more effectively and efficiently all over the fruited plain! Let us help you find, serve & keep more customers… profitably all while having more fun than ever! That’s just the way we do it. Give us a call or email today and let us show you how this revolutionary system can help your business too! We look forward to speaking soon.

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