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Anthem CRM Features

Anthem CRM Features

Anthem CRM software is the ultimate tool for businesses of all sizes looking to take their customer relations to the next level. Anthem’s top-tier features set it apart as a leader in the world of customer relationship management. Its suite of features allow users to easily store and organize contact information, manage sales workflow, store documents and contracts within the system, send automated emails & notifications, track sales performance, and generate comprehensive reports. Anthem makes it simple for business owners to stay informed about their customer relationships so they can provide better service with less stress.

Anthem CRM has a musical theme, we break down the sections of the software with elements of:


The composition section of the CRM is where your contacts live. This is where you would add manually or upload new contacts. More importantly this is where you would find out more information about your leads and work them through to becoming a client.  


This section contains ways in which you can market to your contacts. It includes email, text and our social media module. This module allows you to automate the creation and distribution of your social media. 


Reports reports reports, that is what your harmony is for. It sets the tone of the song. You will find email, social media, and Google reports. We integrate directly with social media platforms and your Google accounts to create reports that allow you to truly understand what affects your marketing efforts are producing. 


All the set up is done in your temp. Adding tags, create automations, add locations, services, and more. This section also is where you connect to our email delivery partner. You can also requisition call tracking & text numbers as well as connect/create a Stripe account to send invoices to your customers.