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Anthem Business Software In the News

How to Create a Trustworthy Online Reputation

Adam DeGraide is an example of an entrepreneur who is present on multiple forms of media to gain audience trust. The Chief Executive Officer of Anthem Business Software started a podcast in 2021 to cultivate deeper authority in the entrepreneurial space with informative, entertaining content.

Adam DeGraide

brandyourself.com featured Adam DeGraide

5 Resources Entrepreneurs Can Utilize For Inspiration

The David Vs Goliath Podcast has amassed some traction for its unique positioning. Each episode provides insider tips from startup CEOs who fought much bigger competitors and lived to tell the tale… not to mention thrived. You’ll hear how they overcame obstacles and get “Aha!” nuggets to inform your business planning, marketing, and branding strategies.

david vs goliath logo

tweakyourbiz.com featured the David vs Goliath Podcast

7 Ways to Own Your Social Media Campaigns

Killer Startups featured a recent article and quoted Anthem Business Software in it…”According to a study cited by Anthem Business Software, the average user spends as much as 10 hours per month on social media. Many are even more active. If you do business in a consumer-facing niche of any kind, you can’t afford not to speak to the social media users in your target audience.”

social media marketing

Killerstartups.com featured Anthem Business Software

How To Build Your Personal Brand Like A Marketing Pro

Forbes featured a recent article and quoted Anthem Business Software in it…”Starbucks’ free customer rewards card is successful because it acts as a sort of key for fans of the brand to interact with its mobile app, website, and stores, according to business marketing firm Anthem Small Business Software. Walgreens’ mobile app is another example—a unified interface for customers to manage their relationships on their own terms with the drugstore chain.”

software & marketing expert

Forbes.com featured Anthem Business Software

How Technology is Evolving to Make Companies More Productive

Calendar.com featured a recent article and quoted Anthem Business Software in it…”An article on modern content marketing authored by CRM provider Anthem Small Business Software points out some of the tech-driven advantages that have led to improved consumer-brand relationships. Foremost among these is the ability to immediately engage with users through multiple digital formats, including social media.”

Calendar.com featured Anthem Business Software

4 Inspirational Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Subscribe To

Adam DeGraide and the David Vs Goliath Podcast was just featured in this article on the Under30 CEO website. Thanks for the shoutout and we couldn’t agree more! “The show is hosted by Adam DeGraide, an accomplished business owner who has spent his life facilitating the success of other businesses. Along with his business prowess, DeGraide is also a polished motivational speaker and musician who truly understands the importance of finding depth in one’s work.”

Under 30 CEO features David Versus Goliath Podcast

How To Reach Your Target Audience Through Text Message Marketing

Anthem was recently quoted in this article on marketing insider group. “First, it’s very cost-effective. According to Anthem Business Software, a marketing automation provider for small enterprises, text message marketing costs often work out to pennies per message. That’s much less than some other types of paid digital marketing, which can cost hundreds per day. probably tons of duplication of effort, too.”

target your audience through text

How to Search For The Best Tech Solutions For Your Company

Anthem was recently quoted in this article on small biz technologies website. “Do your team members constantly move between programs, losing momentum while manually transporting and searching data? You’re hardly alone. According to Anthem Business Software, the average small company relies on up to 10 different tech tools to accomplish tasks. That’s a lot of logins and probably tons of duplication of effort, too.”

Stop the madness and simplify your business software needs

3 Tips For Creating a Strong Personal Brand

Our CEO Adam DeGraide was recently featured on the personal branding blog. “A good example of this is Adam DeGraide. DeGraide is a serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record. He’s built multiple businesses in cutting-edge industries. He’s also been featured on major sites like Forbes, Inc., and Mashable.”

Adam DeGraide in the news on the personal branding blog

Inc magazine article on Omni Channel Marketing.

Anthem Software was recently mentioned in an article on Inc magazine’s website. “In fact, about 90 percent of consumers regularly switch between a brand’s channels while they are in the midst of shopping, according to the small business software Anthem.”

How Today’s Tech Has Changed Online Marketing

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