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How To Use Twitter – Starter Guide

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Twitter for Small Business

There is any number of reasons a small business might want to use Twitter for their business. Many are coming to realize this, but where many fail is what to do once they have decided they should. For most not having a strategy and timidness causes paralysis, which leads to giving up altogether. But if you start with a strategy, you will find it more fruitful. I would also suggest batching your posts be part of the strategy. It seems an easy concept but most people just don’t do it. When you set aside time and tune your mind into the task, you will tend to turn out better-thought-out posts and be able to create a longer schedule of posts. I generally try to create 40-50 posts at a time, or enough for two per day for a month. Then I will work in posts ad-hock during the week. So here are some simple ideas to get started with.

Share interesting and timely content

You want to share content that is new and fresh. If it is a new feature or a new product that just came out it may strike people’s interest.

Share your own content

If you are writing good content on a regular basis, then this is easy. Use your blog posts to post along with your social network.

Share regularly

Don’t post once a week and believe you will create followers and website visits. Using Twitter to grow influence, gain followers, and get website visits is going to be about a sustained effort. Post twice a day on a regular basis.


When you do set aside time to work on Twitter, re-tweeting other people’s content can help you gain visibility. This is also a great way to find content, simply use someone else’s.

Share with images

Though much of Twitter is in short form posts, images are starting to become more popular like other social media sites. Images have always had greater interaction than text alone, but make sure they are of good quality.

Create a list of interests

Lists are an interesting way to organize streams of people on Twitter. They can even include people you don’t follow or don’t follow you, so use it to keep potential clients within view. In this way, you can comment, re-tweet and build trust and eventually get them to follow you.

Remember, if your clients are local, use hash-tags to add a location to your postings. This can also be a great way to find and follow people locally. If you had a new coupon or offer for Independence day, use “Great 4th of July offer on #dinnerfor2 @myrestaurant #Miami” as a way to geotag your offer. So ready to get started? Bring your thinking cap, a cup of coffee, and set aside 2 hours to build a month’s worth of Twitter posts!

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