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9 Ways a Small Business SEO Company Can Grow Your Customer Base

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There’s no magic bullet or secret formula to succeed in the world of business. Whoever your company might cater to, your primary goal is very simple. You want to attract new customers, and you need to keep them once they’re there. In a brief timeframe, the business world has undergone a fundamental revolution in how and where it takes place, and you might be wondering how a small business SEO company can help grow your customer base.

Nowadays, the digital world and the business world are one and the same. In this computerized landscape, expanding your customer base means delving into the complicated technical know-how of search engine optimization, expressions such as ‘UX/UI’, website design, and content marketing management. Here are 9 ways an SEO company can help grow your customer base while eliminating much of the hassle at the same time.

9 Ways an SEO Agency Can Grow Your Customer Base

1. Allowing You To Focus on Your Business

As a small business owner, you’re constantly run off your feet. Your enterprise has a laundry list of tasks and functions that require constant attention to keep business flowing smoothly. Simply put, you’re probably up to your eyeballs in critical duties that eat away a lot of your productive time. Running a business is hard work, and whether you have a team of loyal and dedicated staff or you’re flying solo, the lion’s share of your working week is already earmarked.

That’s where an SEO company swoops in. Technical jargon aside, a steadfast and professional SEO company will energize your digital sales strategy while requiring little input on your part to keep everything ticking over – and your customer base growing. Streamlined and reliable, you can rest assured that your sales will improve steadily and consistently while remaining focused on what you love the most: your business.

2. Customer Relationship Management

Service is spelled with a capital ‘s’, and with good reason. In the digital age, everybody is in the same boat. Overrun with options, products, and offers, we opt more and more for those companies who provide us with better service. Customer retention is king, for repeat business from returning customers is far more sustainable than relying on new ones on a long-term basis, and yet, managing customer relations is no small feat.

Automated customer relationship management (CRM) might sound like a pipe dream, but tailor-made CRM software takes the hassle out of the whole ordeal. Customer tracking, calendar management, billing, lead referral tracking, and automated social media management are but a few of the benefits of this kind of software, which cuts tasks like these down to size, and doubly so if they have you scratching your head.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media took the world by storm. In a short span of time, it has become a vital tool in establishing and maintaining a brand and finding new clients. An average Facebook user has more than 250 friends on the platform, and each of whom is not only another potential customer but another voice to amplify your company’s story. The hubbub generated on social media sites around your brand can generate more sales leads than traditional methods.

That’s a lot of potential being floundered if your social media campaigns are not up to scratch. Yet, the landscape of social media is difficult to navigate and can prove so time-consuming that many large businesses employ entire departments of trained professionals to tackle it. While that may sound daunting, the real truth is that a tailored campaign headed by an experienced social media agency will yield the same results without the requirement of full-time staff.

4. Search Engine Optimization

The internet is fantastic for generating new sales leads – if your customer base can find you, that is. Compared with paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) provides vastly better returns on investment for one simple reason: its benefits are long-lasting. Once you stop paying for a search engine ad campaign, the benefits vanish into thin air along with the hard-earned funds you plowed into it.

SEO, by contrast, is one of the most cost-effective and long-term solutions to digital marketing. Between “on-page” SEO, whereby your website is structured, worded, and organized to maximize your potential, and the more complex and laborious “off-page” SEO, which involves building a network of social channels and backlinks to your website, search engine optimization is a foolproof method of growing your business naturally and sustainably.

5. Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing is a term that gets thrown around a lot. In a nutshell, it’s a strategy that tailors a specific call to action to your website visitors to the means by which they came across your website. For a meta example, have a look at the blog post you’re reading this very second. Notice the conversational, laid-back tone, easily-digestible message, and the call to action right at the bottom? Content marketing.

Of course, compellingly written blog posts, videos, and articles require a substantial investment of working hours. What’s more, it is not enough to simply produce content and hope for the best. That content needs to be visible, accessible, and above all, it needs to lead customers directly to your business in order to convert them into clients, which is the sort of thing a small business SEO company specializes in.

6. Website Design

Broadly speaking, the modern business world is electronic. Many of your clients will only ever interact with your business via your website. In other words, your website is more than a means of interaction; it is your digital sales pitch, and in that regard, second-rate simply will not do. Your user experience must be one that is fluid and unobtrusive, pleasant from start to finish, and with a top-of-the-line aesthetic that leaves your customers feeling satisfied.

While many web design services offer accessible packages, the process of creating and maintaining a professional website – one that will function on the gamut of devices from laptops to smartphones in all their shapes and sizes, to boot – is wrought with technical difficulties. Often, that extra, intangible oomph provided by a web design veteran is exactly what is needed to round out the experience.

7. Professional Feedback and Comprehensive Reports

Between social media campaigns, customer relationship management, content marketing, and the all-important SEO, your digital workflow constitutes a mountain of data. Difficult to maneuver at the best of times, and insurmountable at the worst, the sheer volume of data generated by your digital footprint can quickly become overwhelming. And unless you stay on top of it, you may even be inclined to simply give up.

That critical juncture is where your SEO company picks up the slack. Automated, comprehensive analytics can instantly highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your digital strategies, allowing you to optimize and adapt your approach to suit the needs of your business, and with the guiding hand of professional feedback from an on-hand SEO team, a lot of the guesswork of the process fades away.

8. Small Business Consulting and Training

The expertise required to implement solutions to digital marketing problems can be out of reach for many small businesses. As we’ve highlighted elsewhere in this article, much of your time is already dedicated to your business, and there’s a good chance that you have little wiggle room when it comes to broadening your personal expertise and that of your staff.

Even so, the training and mentorship needed to become adept at navigating the electronic business world aren’t unattainable with the careful guidance of an SEO company. Readily accessible, our online training courses can take any new hireling (or manager!) from zero to hero in a short span of time.

9. Scaleability

One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of small business growth is the matter of scalability over time. The obvious benefits of a growing customer base tend to overshadow the fact that businesses of different scales shift gears in an impalpable manner at an indiscernible point in time. It’s a truism that many only realize in hindsight: large businesses work fundamentally differently from small ones.

The automation of many of the processes pertaining to the digital business world, round-the-clock availability of consulting staff and further training, and the proven track record of helping other companies to succeed as they grow and expand their enterprise, are assurances that your small business will be able to adapt to its newfound success well into the future. Scaleability might appear to be an issue for the future, but the sooner you plan for it, the better.

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Ultimately, the most vital benefit of a small business SEO company is that it allows you to continue to devote your time to what you love doing most. There’s no need for you to evolve into the sleepless husk of a night owl, spending your days tending to the needs of your business and your twilight hours tearing your hair out over the complexities of the digital world and how to drive digital passers-by to your business. Contact Anthem Software today for more information about our suite of services tailored to small businesses.

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