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8 Ways CRM Software Will Save You Time

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In the past, customer relationship management software was reserved for large businesses with a big marketing budget. Since this software has an average return on investment of over $8.70 per dollar spent, this created a huge imbalance in favor of larger companies. Fortunately, you can now purchase CRM software for small business at a much more reasonable price than previously. Let’s have a closer look at the time-saving features of this product. 

8 Ways CRM Software for Small Business Will Save You Time

1. Tracking Spreadsheets Can Be Updated Automatically 

When you first started your business, it’s likely that you kept a spreadsheet of all your customers’ data, including their addresses, phone numbers, and marketing preferences. While this works well when you have under 100 customers, it becomes a hassle as your numbers grow. Not only do you lose a lot of time when you update your spreadsheets manually, but you might also fail to include valuable information. 
CRM software can effectively address this problem by automating your database. It can save all your customers’ data, and it updates automatically, for example, if someone’s address changes or they have a new number. The best types of software can also record your customers’ social media accounts and websites, which give you more information about their preferences and needs. 

2. Employee Communication Can Be Sped Up

Often, several employees have to communicate and interact with the same customer. It can be hard for everyone to be up to date, so the chance of mistakes and miscommunication are high. CRM software can help you and your employees track the customer’s history with your company, including their past emails, live chat sessions, support tickets, and phone calls.

That way, your staff will have all the necessary information, even if the customer dealt with someone else in the past. This speeds up operations and improves the client’s experience considerably. As a result, you can expect increased loyalty and more sales.

3. Your Employees Stop Wasting Money on Menial Tasks 

Countless companies around the country waste hours of valuable time performing manual data entry. This takes time away from other, more creative activities, which could improve the company’s products or services and therefore increase revenue. When you implement CRM software, you can eliminate these unnecessary tasks and optimize your employees’ use of their time.

In today’s competitive business environment, this is more important than ever. It’s likely that some of your competitors have already started using CRM software. To avoid falling behind and losing out to faster, more flexible businesses, you should reach out to a software company and discuss your options as soon as possible. 

4. Everyone Has a Sales Roadmap 

When you hire new team members, you need to teach them about your product or service and how to pitch it to clients. This is much easier when you use software because there is a standardized sales process that’s simple to learn and implement by everyone. You and your marketing specialists can come up with the best way to pitch your product to your customers and then share this roadmap via CRM software. 

Over time, you’ll optimize the process or adapt it to fit new products you’ve developed. Since the software is incredibly flexible, you won’t have any trouble updating the sales roadmap. Even better, CRM software collects data for you that helps you decide which marketing strategies work best. If your sales stall, you can analyze the issue more easily and find an appropriate solution. 

5. You Can Predict Your Sales More Accurately 

The data collected by your CRM software helps you to predict trends and future sales more accurately. Once you’ve used this product for a few months, you’ll have a vast amount of data that demonstrates how the time of year, promotions, special deals, and other factors affect the volume of sales. 
With this information, you can more easily predict what the future holds and react accordingly. This prevents you from wasting time on unproductive advertising strategies and allows you to take advantage of opportunities to promote your product you might have otherwise missed. 

6. Your Customers Have a Much Better Experience

Finding new leads and converting them to customers takes an enormous amount of time and money. For this reason, keeping your current clients happy is one of the most important success strategies. In addition to working with you long-term, satisfied customers might also leave positive reviews and refer you to their friends, which means that you can pick up new business at no additional cost. 

Studies have shown that customer satisfaction improves dramatically when a company starts using CRM software. This is because advertisements and deals can be targeted to the individual more easily, all employees are aware of the customer’s individual situation, and the sales process takes much less time than before. Therefore, customers have a better overall experience, and they feel understood by your company.

7. Problems Can Be Ironed Out Faster

Another reason why CRM software helps to improve customer satisfaction is that problems can be solved much faster. When a client calls one of your employees about an issue, the support worker won’t have to click through the database or spend time searching for the customer’s information. Instead, the products purchased, previous support tickets, and the entire customer history will be accessible immediately.

8. Everyone Can Work from Everywhere 

Most modern CRM software is cloud-based, which means that it can work on any device, as long as there is a reliable internet connection. That way, you and your employees can stay updated from anywhere, and you don’t have to be in the office at all times. As a result, your salespeople won’t miss any updates, even if they are on their way to a client, in a meeting, or in a different country. 

No matter what industry you work in, CRM software for small business can help you speed up your operations, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce unnecessary costs. It also allows your employees to focus on what’s important, namely serving your customers well and developing new products or services. Call us today at Anthem Software to speak to an expert or schedule a virtual tour of our products.

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