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5 Tips to Help Your Business Generate More Clients via Social Media

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Are you making the most of your business’s social media accounts? More than 302 million people were active on social media in 2022, and the average social media user interacts with over six different social media platforms. With numbers like that, enterprises must take advantage of their social media accounts to generate business using social media platforms.

When it comes to client generation, social media is a fantastic tool you can leverage to keep fresh faces seeking your service or product. Pay attention to these pointers if you’re looking for ways to make your social media accounts a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

5 Tips to Help Your Business Generate More Clients via Social Media

1. Show Your Worth

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that all you need to do is throw up a few low-quality posts and you’ll have new clients kicking your door down. To pull new clients into the fold and generate business using social media, you need to show them why they should care about your service or product. That means listing your products or posting a price sheet for your services isn’t enough.

Instead, you’ll have to provide valuable content to your ideal consumer. Luckily, there are a million ways to display value, and the more creative you get in your efforts, the more potential clients will remember you. Give people a reason to visit your page; before you know it, they’ll be eager to join your client roster.

Make it Matter

Show your clients what you offer by creating content that meets a need. Whether that means filming a how-to-video or answering your top five most frequently asked questions, the content you provide should provide value. If you’re worried that useful equals dull, nothing could be further from the truth. Killer content is entertaining and informative, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box when crafting your educational content.

Offer Variety

While there’s no doubt that online videos are a fantastic way to offer educational content to your audience, feel free to employ other types of content. Infographics have gained popularity, and their eye-catching design grabs viewers’ attention while scrolling. Infographics are a fantastic way to make information that can be dry, such as statistics, more engaging. Additionally, infographics are perfect for consumers to share from one platform to another.

Written guides are another type of post that can display value. By taking a complicated concept and making it accessible and easy to understand, you become a resource for potential clients. The ability to take complex information and present it in simple-to-understand language demonstrates your position as an authority in your field.

2. Build an Authentic Community

Engaging genuinely with potential clients will earn you brand loyalty beyond your wildest dreams. Customers can tell when they’re nothing but a dollar sign, so engaging with them authentically and valuing them as people, not just a potential profit, is essential. Create an online community, and customer generation will happen naturally. Even though the ultimate goal is conversion, being too obvious with your sales tactics will repel the customers you’re trying to attract.

Bring Them to You

Use inbound marketing tactics that encourage consumers to make the first move, such as submitting their email addresses in exchange for coupons or engaging calls to action that drives prospects to contact you with their questions. Another good way to encourage potential clients to come to you is through hosting giveaways and contests that require them to engage with your brand as part of the entry process.

It can be as simple as commenting on a post or requiring them to share your content on their page, but you’ll want to ensure that they need to interact with your company to be eligible to win. Additionally, giveaways boost consumer interaction and allow you to express gratitude to your audience and give back to the online community you’re creating.

3. Make Your Engagement Meaningful

If you’ve ever been on a company’s social media page and observed consumers’ questions and comments going unanswered on their posts, you’ve witnessed an example of what not to do. Consumers want their voices heard and to know they aren’t commenting into the metaphorical online void. When their comments are questions or complaints, responding becomes even more essential.

Finally, meaningful engagement shouldn’t only be performed publicly; ensure direct messages receive the same considerate and timely responses as queries posted publicly, and you’ll demonstrate that your company is committed to quality customer service regardless of who’s watching.

Show Them They’re Special

When consumers behave how you want them to, reinforce their behavior. That means taking action to recognize consistent fans, whether that means posting a shout-out thanking them for their support or sending them complimentary swag.

When consumers do things that market your brand organically, make sure you don’t take their actions for granted. Reshare content created by your audience, even if it’s something as simple as reposting their shared post to your story with a thank you. Consumers will regularly engage with brands they know are listening, which is a great way to set your company apart from the competition.

4. Be Consistent and Transparent

If you’re like many small business owners, you likely wear numerous hats and juggle various projects. You may have the best intentions to maintain a consistent posting schedule, but your plans fall through the cracks when things get busy. Although this deviation from consistent posting is understandable, it doesn’t present well to consumers.

To give people confidence in your brand, you want to appear reliable. Luckily, the influx of post-scheduling tools to the application market means you have plenty of ways to maintain a steady stream of content. By batch-creating your content and scheduling it out in advance, you know that your business accounts will continue to display a consistent presence regardless of what distractions life brings.

Watch Your Tone

This tip can be challenging to employ if you have multiple people handling your social media profile, but it’s integral to generating clients through social media. First, you want your brand’s voice to be consistent across all platforms. While there will be a difference in the types of content you post from one platform to another, consumers should feel as if they’re interacting with the same person no matter which platform they’re using.

This cohesiveness makes your brand appear more authentic and allows potential clients to feel comfortable interacting with your brand online. Finally, when consumers know they can rely on you to maintain a professional standard, they will feel confident about doing business with you since you will have established yourself as trustworthy.

Fight the Urge to Dirty Delete

You may be tempted to delete the unpleasant comment when you have an interaction that is less than flattering on your business page. While you don’t want to let trolls or spammers overrun your page, there’s a difference between removing bots and blatant scammers and deleting or blocking unhappy consumers. Instead, view unhappy comments as an opportunity to show your audience how dedicated you are to providing a fantastic consumer service experience.

Also, remember the power of burying unwanted comments or posts with positive feedback or educational posts. As more and more positive posts are added to your page, negative interactions drop down the page. Address legitimate complaints professionally, then don’t be afraid to bury them with content that shows your brand at its best. This strategy allows you to maintain transparency with your consumers while making complaints less noticeable.

5. Focus Energy Where Your Audience Is Active

There’s nothing wrong with being present on every possible platform, and some social media marketing gurus recommend it. However, if your time is limited, focus your efforts on the platforms where your target demographic is the most active.

There are numerous applications created with the express purpose of identifying which social media platforms specific demographics are actively using. Take advantage of these tools, and use them to ensure the right consumers are witnessing your efforts.

Check Out Competitors

Another way to determine where your ideal market is spending its time online is by looking at your competitors. Perform research on the heavy hitters in your industry and make a note of what platforms they’re most active on and the type of content that gets them the most engagement. While these observations aren’t a substitute for performing your tests and tracking your analytics, they can provide additional insight into potential clients.

Of course, you don’t want to copy your competitors since that is unethical and makes your brand appear inauthentic and second-rate. Use their actions purely for informative purposes and as a stepping stone for crafting more creative content.

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